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Basher Paddle



Product Description

The basher paddle is sure to get their attention both with its stunning looks and weighty thud. Specifically wonderful for smacking balls and pussies this paddle has a nice side too. The thick spiky head gives you the option of slowly teasing and tickling your bottom in between knocking hits. Wielding this toy is a delight as well with it's balanced weight and comfortable handle. Great for beginners or seasoned players this paddle can safely deliver blows anywhere on the body and range from pillowy to stingy heavy hits. The sturdy aluminum shaft adds weight while the thick silicone head cushions the shock and reserves bruising for when you really mean it and decide to use the aircraft grade aluminum handle as the impact end.

Additionally, due to the wide range of possible sensation the material makes this toy ideal for play parties. It is somewhat small, not too heavy and can be disinfected easily so you can use it on multiple play partners with just short cleaning breaks.

More Details

MaterialAluminum & silicone
Product typePaddle
Made inLos angeles

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