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Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit



Product Description

This is the deluxe kit for sexual electro sensation play in a sleek secret agent locking case. Filled with a full array of attachments/accessories you and your lover are in for a truly scintillating time exploring sensations from gentle teasing to visually striking sparks with each touch. You won’t be left wanting snapping open this nifty silver attache’ case (with combination lock).

The set includes the following toys:

The Neon Wand®–With no moving parts angle this solid-state state-of-the-art instrument any which way during play. You’ll get no power interruptions or unexpected output variations with this expertly made wand.

The Power Tripper™ –From deep sensation play, to mind-blowing oral-electro encounters, to just about anything your full-tilt imagination can dream, this electro fun accessory will coax power exchange of the sweetest order as you deliver tickling sparks anywhere skin meets skin.

The Electro Whip–A multi-chain flogger not for the weak-of-will. The handle/ probe can be used in various ways, while the little chain links of the flogger ignite the most precise pinpoint sensations.

The Bulb–Very much like a plasma globe, this clear round bulb attaches to the Neon Wand for truly terrifying interrogation intimidation scenes.

The Comb–A true one-of-a-kind sensation. With evenly-spaced teeth, The Comb is as perfect for a slow tease as it is long concentrated application.

The Pinwheel –This attachment for The Power Tripper™ increases the sensations of Wartenberg Pinwheel application by delivering a shock with the usual wheel pricking. One of the nifty little accessories that make this electro-play kit such dastardly fun. The Tongue –Another unique feature in this all-purpose sensation collection, this electrode features a bulb that actually tapers to a tongue-shaped end. A great stimulation accessory for all those hard-to-get-to spots.

The Mushroom-The Mushroom’s round flat head guides your more ‘sensitive’ electric explorations with a softer, and quite beautiful, blue light arc.

The Rolling Drum–Used with The Power Tripper™ this little roller creates a tight yet intense electric prickling that delivers sparks for up and down your captive’s body.

The Probe–Set this simple yet-so-effective glass rod from soft to intense.

Black Double Locking Handcuffs- To add to the secret agent allure we have added a set of black handcuffs to use as either extra security while transporting the Agent Noir Wand Kit, or to secure your lover as the sparks begin to fly after you open this case.

More Details

Safety, care & usage follow all manufacturer's directions and safety instructions. clean probes with isopropyl alcohol (75% or greater). allow alcohol to dry and evaporate completely before use.

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