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Aneros Peridise Beginners/Advanced 4-Pack Set



Product Description

Have you been curious about anal stimulation or want to increase the number and intensity of your orgasms?

For men and women just starting on the wonderful journey of anal stimulation this Aneros Peridise beginners’ set gives you many options. Anatomically designed for maximum effect and comfort you can use these 4 anal-play toys alone or with a partner. The mind-blowing orgasms associated with anal stimulation are truly unparalleled-both for men and women- you will find yourself going back time and again for these sex plugs to enhance your sex life in ways you could never have imagined. Similar to Kegals, the Peridise kit strengthens your PC muscles which is healthy and promotes stronger orgasms in both sexes.

It’s all about size and comfort with this four piece starter anal toy set. There are two larger Aneros (22mm and 18mm) and two smaller (20mm and 16mm) included here, all made of FDA approved plastic. What’s perfect about this collection is that you are not married to just one Aneros, you have four at your fingertips to quadruple the fun. And as you grow in your skill, strength and desire for anal play you can move to the smaller sizes for more intense sensations.

Anal training and deep fulfilling orgasms are assured when you choose any Aneros product, but this set is a great place to start.

More Details

MaterialFda approved plastic
Product typeAnal

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