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Aneros Helix Male Prostate Stimulator



Product Description

The Aneros Helix stands alone for the specific wonderful sensations it delivers in anal play and prostate stimulation. The 4-inch length of the Aneros makes it substantial but not intrusive, while its curved design assures it hits all the right tight spots. A hands-free male anal sex toy the self-pivoting mechanism here can simultaneously massage the male G-spot and the perineum so orgasms are always mind-blowingly explosive. Decidedly a different approach to male stimulation and orgasm, the tickling and teasing found with this massager takes male pleasure to a whole new level. Prostate stimulation is a specific sensation that is best coaxed by a firm yet comfortable toy. The perfect size of the Helix, its ability to stimulate two specific erogenous zones and the fact it can be used solo or with a partner truly makes it a unique male sex massager.

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