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Build A Deer Hide Flogger



Product Description

Increase the intensity of your kink scenes with a flogger that you build yourself. Custom-made for you from one of the kinkiest cities in the world. San Francisco, S&M artisans follow your exact specifications in the number of flails you want, the color of each and their size. The weighted weaved handle of 16 platte braid assures easy gripping and a good consistent flailing. When it comes to bettering your scenes, for both you and your slave, the more instruments you can use that speak directly to your needs the better. You’ve no doubt lifted quite a few paddles, snapped on a few restraints and even worn some outfits over the years, all at various levels of your liking. Isn’t it time you had something that was uniquely your own, made just for you, that you can go to again and again to deliver the merciless dependability you deserve? It takes approx. three weeks for the creation and delivery of your Deer Hide Flogger…but it is well worth the wait. Really, how can your money be better spent then on a custom built sex toy?

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