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Sneaky Sack



Product Description

This is a discreet storage ‘bag’/hidden safe where you can hide money, passports…and those delightfully sinful toys you don’t want found. The various separate compartments allow you to sneak away a surprising number of valuables and intimate products. The exterior of the bag is made of a silky cotton blend called Lustra, the interior is made of the breathable SOFlux, a cleanable fabric used in hospitals. The Sneaky Sack™ is resistant to bacterial growth and will keep whatever you place in the bag compartments completely germ-free. The bag is waterproof inside and out to keep valuables inside and clothing outside completely safe.

Featuring 3 large sections, fully washable and liquid resistant, lockable and Made in the USA, the The Sneaky Sack™ was created with the ever-diligent kinkster in mind. Designed to hang below necklines and basically disappear from view, you can discreetly place the Sneaky Sack™ on a hanger in a hotel closet or store it under some clothing. Have your fun and know that your toys, lube and even your corset and heels can be kept out of sight and easily carried.

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